Student elections. Vote. Be heard

Students' Union elections 

The Students’ Union runs a number of elections throughout the academic year to make sure that students have an opportunity to stand and vote for who you want to represent you. Our roles include our full-time student officers, school reps, course reps, and you can put yourself forward to attend the NUS national conference.

Through our elections, we can make sure that students are at the centre of our decision making. This is crucial as a student-led organisation working to improve your academic and wider experience. All students who are automatically members of the Students’ Union can self-nominate and vote. Throughout the year you can elect for the following roles:  

Student officer elections

We have three full-time paid student officers who work on education, activities and opportunities, and wellbeing and community. The three officers listen to students and work to improve your experience at university. This role pays £21,000 a year, and successful candidates will have training and support that can be beneficial for your CV. The roles are for one year starting from 1 July 2021. You must apply before 09:00 on Monday 19 April

Find out more about student officer elections.

School rep elections

We have six part-time school reps representing the six University of East London schools. The reps will work closely with the course reps and the education officer to push for academic improvements. You can apply before 09:00 on Monday 19 April

Find out more about school rep elections.

Course rep elections

Our course reps are elected by their course mates to represent their academic views at course committees. They work to make sure students are empowered to share both positive and negative course feedback resulting in an improved learning experience. You can submit your self-nomination from Monday 19 April

Find out more about course rep elections.

Society/student group elections

Society/student groups and community groups are led by a committee who work to organise events and bring students together. To make sure that everyone has an opportunity to become a committee member, society members can vote on who they prefer. The next group elections will take place no earlier than Monday 19 April.

NUS national conference elections

The National Union of Students national conference brings students together from across the UK to debate the direction of the NUS. The conference took place in April. The next conference elections will take place in the 2021/22 academic year.

Our delegates were:
- Jay Samtani (delegation leader, appointed by the Student Leadership Committee);
- Rebeca Daniela Fernandez Gonzalez (elected);
- Charlotte Lehane (elected);
- Naveen Pradeep (elected).