Student elections. Vote. Be heard

Be the voice of your classmates, become a course rep!

Gain great skills for your CV, get to know the academics and key staff on your course, and help to improve the academic experience of your classmates. Nominate yourself to become a course rep for the new academic year! As a course rep, you can help to make sure the voices of your classmates are heard. You’ll gain communication, time management and meeting skills.

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How to become a course rep

If you would like to become a 2021/22 course rep, you will need to nominate yourself, by visiting the relevant page below. Remember to log in first. 

Architecture, computing, engineering 

Art and creative industries

Business and law

Engineering and construction

Health, sports and biosciences


Nominations close at 20:00 on Tuesday 27 April

What happens next?

If you have correctly completed your nomination form, you will automatically become a candidate and your classmates will be able to vote for you. Voting opens on Wednesday 5 May at 08:00, and closes at 20:00 on Thursday 6 May. Make sure you let your classmates know that you are a candidate, and encourage them to vote when voting opens.

Will I receive training?

Yes, and it will be delivered online. Elected course reps will complete it in their own time within a one-week window from the announcement of the election results. There are three training modules, and it should take you an hour to complete all three. You will have access to the training modules via Moodle, and you will also be added to a school-level Teams channel so you can talk with other course reps in your school, and with your school rep.