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Activities and opportunities officer election on Wed 05 May and Thu 06 May

You can read the candidates' statements in the statement handbook.

A question and answer session with all candidates was held on Tue 04 May. You can watch it here.

Farhan Ishraque Ahmed | Facebook | Instagram | LinkedIn
Abigail Bruce
Fathimath Irfana Kottikulam Aboobacker | Instagram | LinkedIn

Social media accounts are included where they have been supplied by the candidates.

Be the voice of the student body - become a student officer!

What do student officers do? 

There are three student officer roles - activities and opportunities, education, wellbeing and community. Student officers: 

  • Represent students by looking at evidence collected by the Students’ Union and influencing the University to change its policies to make positive changes.

  • Encourage students to give feedback about their experiences to the Students’ Union and making sure their feedback is heard.

  • Build relationships with community groups and campaign groups, telling us about the issues they are experiencing, and working with us and the University to solve problems.

Voting for activities and opportunities officer

Students will have the chance to vote for activities and opportunities officer from 08:00 to 22:00 on Wednesday 05 May and Thursday 06 May.

Key dates: activities and opportunities officer

Candidate question and answer session

15:00 - 15:30, Tue 04 May (Teams link)


Candidates must attend this session.


08:00-22:00, Wed 05 May and Thu 06 May


Results for education officer and wellbeing and community officer

The full results are available here.