Agora Society: Links to Useful Resources -Part 1

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Youtube Channels
TED (How to make stress your friend | Kelly Mcgonigal)

TED-Ed (sample video on Plato's Allegory of the Cave)

Stanford (sample playlist of Robert Sapolsky's lectures on Human Behavioral Biology)

The Venus Project and The venus Project Lecture Excerpts - a new economic system, a resource-based economy, a mindset, a solution to many global problems

The Thought Emporium (also The Taste Emporium)- a very versatile individual with varied content

Khan Academy - educational channel, teaching for mastery rather than examination

Periodic Videos - chemistry, a video on every element on the periodic table, one of several sister channels

BBC Earth - our planet and the natural world, one of several sister channels

zefrank1 - the seemingly uninteresting made hilarious (nerdcore comedy)

SciShow and CrashCourse - educational channels, learning made fun

PBS Eons - geology, paleontology, archaeology, anthropology

Journey to the Microcosmos - high quality microscopy of the microbial world

Kurzgesagt - educational channel with a futuristic twist

Nature Video - scientific discoveries, breakthroughs, and concepts

MIT OpenCourseWare - easily digestible lectures from the real teachers (although even they could improve)

The Royal Institution - fascinating lectures and discussions on various imminent topics

Bozeman Science - concepts and learning made simple

Paul Stamets - the mycologist that will open your eyes

Jordan B Peterson - psychology and life lessons

The School of Life - Emotional Intelligence

Derek Banas - programming languages

Primitive Technology (also Primitive Life) and Bear Grylls - survival knowledge and skills that can save your life


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