Five reasons to vote in this election

Not convinced voting will make a difference?

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From Wednesday 28 April, you will have the chance to vote for and elect three student officers who will work with us to improve your university experience.

Not convinced voting will make a difference? Take a look at our five reasons why you should vote, and then head over to the elections page to find out more about all the ways you will be able to make a difference in the elections we have coming up. 

It’s your chance to make a difference

If you are unhappy with your University experience, then this is your main opportunity to let us know! By voting in the election, you will be telling us what key issues are important to you. 

Electing good student officers means that we will be more successful in making plans to improve the University for you, in ways that your support.


We can be better Students’ Union

There’s always room for improvement, and as the academic year progresses, new issues arise and situations change. The best way for us to be a better Students’ Union is to have elected students who can represent you when we make decisions that affect you. If you elect passionate student officers who are willing to talk to you about the issues that matter, we will become a better union as a result!


Student officers are key influencers at UEL

Your officers will regularly have meetings with the people who have the power at the University. These people have the power to change your uni experience! Electing officers who understand what you care about, and who you trust to represent your voice will make real change happen.


Elected officers can make change happen

Past officers have achieved so much to help improve your experience at university including setting up community groups to make sure underrepresented students have a safe space where they can talk about issues that concern them, improving the University’s student placement system, and making sure our pandemic activities are more fun and engaging.

Make sure you take the time to read the officers’ election guide so that you can find out more about what each officer wants to achieve.


One vote can make a BIG difference

Sometimes our elections are close. There are times when just one or two votes can determine if a person is elected. Make sure the right candidate wins. Vote and then tell your friends to vote!