Busting election myths

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Think the elections won't make a difference to your student experience? Think again!

Elections month gives you a great chance to shake things up and make sure you elect students who share your views, and who will help to improve your experience at University.

This week, we bust some of the most common elections month myths about nominations.

"I can’t make a difference in this election."

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By getting involved in the Students’ Union you have a chance to make change!

You can make change by voting or by nominating yourself to be a course rep, school rep, or student officer.

Your elected officers, course reps, and school reps will act as your voice for the next academic year. The work they do once they have been elected will impact your university experience.

If you become an elected officer, school rep, or course rep, you will have the chance to campaign for the student body, to share and execute your ideas to help improve the University for your peers.

Everyone involved has the chance to make a difference. It starts by you nominating yourself or making sure you vote.


"It will affect my career prospects."

Blue elections month branded image with a tick. Text says "true"Becoming an officer, course, or school rep will affect your career! You will gain some great skills and get the professional experience that graduate employers love!

If you become an officer, course rep, or school rep, you’ll become a leader, a negotiator, and you’ll master your communication skills.

You’ll attend University committee meetings, work with teams of professional and academic staff, taking part in important decision-making processes and advocating for the students you represent.

These skills will really help to set you apart from the crowd in a competitive environment.


"I shouldn’t run because I don’t care about politics"

Blue elections month branded image with a cross. Text on image says "false"If you care about making University life better for the student body, then that’s all the motivation you need!

If you have some good ideas about how to do this, you’ll make a great officer, course rep, or school rep - it’s about helping students to get more university.

If you care about the student experience, and you have ideas about how things can improve, then that's all the experience you need!