Coming soon... elections month!

Image says 'coming soon... elections month'

What is elections month?

Elections month gives you the chance to put yourself forward for a leadership role in the Students’ Union and represent the voices of the 15,000 students at the University.

You also have the chance to vote for who will represent you!

Election month runs from mid-April to mid-May and you will have the chance to nominate yourself for the following roles:

  • student officers – represent the views of the student body on issues including education, activities, and wellbeing. This is a full-time and paid opportunity.
  • school reps – This is a part-time paid role where you will work to improve the student experience for students who are in your school. You can only become a School rep if you have been a course rep.
  • course reps – represent your classes’ academic views at committee meetings and work to improve your academic experience.


How do I become a student officer, school rep, or course rep?

You can nominate yourself on our website!

  • student officers nominations are open from Monday 12 April – Find out more
  • School rep nominations are open from Monday 12 April – Find out more
  • Course rep nominations open on Monday 19 April – Find out more


Let your friends and classmates know you have nominated yourself so that they know to vote for you. Voting opens at different times depending on who you're electing.

Voting opens at the following times:

  • You can vote for your student officer from Wednesday 28 April
  • Vote for your course rep on Wednesday 5 May
  • You can vote for your school rep on Wednesday 5 May



Why should I nominate myself?

Taking on a leadership role with the Students’ Union gives you unrivaled skills for your CV which really helps you stand out when you’re looking for a graduate role.

Students who have experience working with their Students’ Union can boast of gaining professional experience, learn more about the type of job they want to do in the future, and can gain skills in time management, communication, and leadership.

Being a course rep, student officer, or school rep will give you the chance to get to know academics and key influencers at the University. You will have the chance to meet lots of people, and be the voice for your classmates, people in your school, and even the entire student body.

Having the chance to create change and help make the University a better place for your classmates is a very rewarding experience, and you will have the support of the Students’ Union team to help you to achieve your goals.