Events to look forward to in January!

Text reads "Unmissable free events in January, get more from university"

Text on graphic says "unmissable free events in January"

Get more from university in 2021

There’s lots to look forward to when you return to university in 2021!  We have organised some fun events to welcome new starters and returning students to get the new year off to a good start with Welcome back week 2021. It’s never too late to get involved, and all of our events are completely free to join!

Find out more about what’s in store for January 2021 and book your tickets now!

Graphic image that says "meet your Students' Union. Get more from university"Get to know your Students’ Union

If you’re keen to make the most of your time at university, then you should come along to this session to find out more about the work we do to help enrich your university experience. Find out more about all the ways you can get involved, from joining a student group and meeting lots of new people at our events, to how you can pick up impressive skills for your cv and where to turn to when you need help or advice. Browse and book your tickets now!


Graphic image that says "speed meet. Meet new people... fast"Meet lots of new people, fast

Making new friends at university during a global pandemic is really hard! So we have organised lots of speed meets to give you the chance to meet lots of new people from the comfort of your own home. Get to know other students, and make lots of new friends by coming along to one (or all!) of our speed meets! Everyone’s welcome, and we even provide some helpful conversation starters which will have you chatting away to new people in no time! Find out more and book your tickets!


Virtual movie night graphic image with film projectors.Have the perfect night in at one of our movie nights

Grab your laptop, get together with your housemates, and join us for a virtual movie night. Chat with us and other students as we watch the British Rom-com classic, Notting Hill. We’ll laugh, cry and cringe together as we watch Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts fall in love at beautiful scenes across London. Browse our Welcome week events and book your tickets now!



Meet your advisors colourful graphic imagesFind out how we can help you

We have a great advice team who are here to offer you support and help you through any challenging issues you may experience on your university journey. Find out more about the advice service and how the advice team can help you live your best academic life. Book your tickets!