Hello from Naveen, your education officer


I’m Naveen and I am your education officer at the University of East London’s Students’ Union. This is my second year as a student officer, and I’m excited to get to know all of you! The Student’s Union provides great opportunities to help students get the most from their time at university and I am here to support and represent you, so let me introduce myself. 

I campaigned to become education officer because I have engaged with the Students’ Union from the very beginning of my time here, and because I want to help students experience university life to the fullest. As an international student, I have always been very open to hearing different views and this role gives me the chance to make sure they’re heard.  

It’s not easy to land your ideal job after completing your studies, so I have been working hard to improve employability ever since I became a student officer. My current priorities include working towards improving placements and improving work-based learning. The most important goal for me, however, is to engage with students in all aspects of university life and publish a student charter.  

It is really important to me that students feel well-represented throughout their time at university. As an international student, I feel as though I understand many different student perspectives and I recognise that there’s always room for improvement. I have been listening to students voice their concerns since 2018 which has helped me make some great plans for how I can improve your educational journey at the University of East London.