Stand out from the crowd. Be a student officer!

Polaroid image of Naveen, former education officer. Text says "skills I gained as student officer"

With student officer nominations coming soon, we caught up with your education officer of two years, Naveen Pradeep to find all about the top skills you can gain from being a student officer. 

“Being a student officer is great because you get to meet lots of people, and the skills I have been able to pick up from my two years as an education officer are skills that I wouldn’t have been able to learn in a classroom or in an entry-level job”. 

Naveen shares the top three skills he gained from being an education officer at the Students’ Union. Find out how to be a student officer.



“Being a student officer gave me a huge opportunity to get better at speaking English. In addition to improving my English skills, I have learned a lot about how to speak in a friendly and professional manner. I feel confident expressing myself in large meetings, and I know how to talk to colleagues about ideas and projects in an influential way.” 


Interviews and recruitment skills 

"I have sat on the interview panel for about 25-30 jobs. Most people who are just starting out in their careers will not have had this opportunity. Sitting on interview panels has taught me a lot about how to interview for a role well and has given me the chance to prepare for when I start being interviewed for graduate jobs."



"I work with several teams across the Students’ Union and the University. I have learned a lot about how much more can be achieved when we work together. By working together, you can break down a large project that seems impossible, and turn them into manageable tasks that we can each work on together. It really gives you the chance to get to know the people you’re working with and will be a skill I depend on throughout my future career." 


If you’re interested in becoming a student officer, find out more about how you can nominate yourself to make a positive difference to the University experience for your fellow students.