Could you be a course rep?

We are committed to having an effective representation structure, making sure students can raise course-related issues and have them addressed at the appropriate level. 

Why should I run as course rep? 
As a course rep you work alongside other reps within your school to feedback on your experience here at UEL to ensure that your experience in education is the best it can be. The type of issues you might gather feedback on include module deadlines, cancelled lectures, late lecturers, unavailability of past exam papers, limited access to lab equipment/facilities and so many more areas that can affect your studies. 

This is your opportunity to gain and develop skills, as well as take part in shaping the direction of your education. 

As a course rep, you are required to attend three course committee meetings per year (one per term,) attend the Education Conference hosted by the Students’ Union, as well as complete relevant training. 

What skills/experience will I develop as a course rep?

- Communication - being a good representative is about communicating with staff and students. You will find that your experiences of meetings and dealing with your fellow students will improve your verbal and written language skills. 

- Meeting skills - attending course committee meetings should give you experience of formal meeting structures with a Chair, Secretary, agenda and minutes and familiarise you with how business is processed. 

- Negotiation skills and conflict management - your skills in these important areas will develop naturally through involvement in the course committee system, as you help to resolve possible areas of disagreement and seek solutions to problems. 

- Time management - It is an important skill to be able to fit your course rep commitments around your degree. You will get used to setting objectives and priorities to ensure that you make the best use of your time. 

- Public speaking and confidence -  you will develop public speaking skills and become more confident, e.g. by making announcements in lectures to update students on the issues discussed at the curse committee meeting. 

How do I apply?
This year, the election of all course reps will be conducted online. All students have automatic access to the Students’ Union’s online voting system after enrolment, using your University credentials. This is how you will be able to vote for who you want to represent you, and how you can put yourself forward for the role. 

- The nomination period will open on Monday 28 September and close on Wednesday 7 October.  
- The voting period will be open from Monday 12 October to Wednesday 14 October.  
- The results will be announced on Monday 19 October

What training will I get?
Training will be delivered online only. Students will complete it in their own time within a two- week window from the announcement of the election results. All course reps should have completed their training by Saturday 31 October. 

There are three training modules, and it should take you an hour to complete all three. You will have access to the training modules via moodle, and you will also be added to a school-level Teams channel so you can talk with other course reps in your school, and with your school rep. 

If you would like to discuss the role of a course rep in more detail, you can talk to your education officer, Naveen Pradeep,