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Course rep training

Congratulations on being elected as a course rep for your course. We are delighted to have you on board.  

Training is crucial to making sure you have the confidence and knowledge to do your role. To help you settle in your role, we have put together a series of online training videos (coming soon!) and a new course rep handbook.  


Download course rep handbook

Course rep handbook 

This comprehensive handbook goes through everything you will need to know to do your role. It sets out your roles and responsibilities and then takes you step by step through your role.  

Each step explains what you need to do and what to expect. For example, how to talk to students on your course to get feedback, what feedback should you be listening out for, how to work with academic staff, what to expect from course committee meetings and how to share your wins.  


Course update logDownload course update log

To keep a record of the issues you have raised and the subsquent actions, download our course update log


Online training videos 

The training is split into three sections and should only take an hour to complete in total. The videos explain your role, how to gather feedback from students on your course and preparing for course committee meetings. This will be made available as soon as possible.