Running a society

Starting a new society


Starting a new society is simple. To get going a society needs to find 3 or more UEL students to become Society Organisers. You will eventually have to get at least 10 UEL students to become members of the society, and many new societies choose to recruit their first bunch of members at a stall during Freshers Week. Society Organisers can choose to set a society membership fee, which can be £0 (free). If you charge for membership, you must be prepared to reward paid-up members for their commitment, and deny the same privileges to non-members until they themselves have paid.


For some useful tips about starting a new society, please visit the Starting A New Society - Advice page


Re-registering an old society


Whether you are a new society or a returning society who has already been registered in 2015-16, you will need to register for the new academic year. Societies are encouraged to book stalls all year around to promote thier society, in order to publicise themselves to new students and recruit new society members. Re-registering societies are permitted to change their society details during re-registration, and you can choose to change your membership fees as well - For instance, a society who charged £2 per-member-per-year for 2015-16 may choose to make their membership £5 for 2016-17.


How to register your society?


All societies must complete Society Registration every academic year. The best time to do this is during July or August so they can recive Fresher's Week information. To register your society for 2016-17, please make sure you have all of the contact details and student numbers of the society organisers to hand, then visit the following link to register:











Societies STARS (Training and Rewards)


The Students Union recognises and rewards our good societies. The system UELSU uses is called the Societies Point System where the union financially rewards societies who are the most engaged. 

Societies are encouraged to build up enough points to become a Bronze, Silver or even Gold Status Society so they get invited to our end of year SU Awards.

Bronze, Silver and Gold Award not only give your society UELSU accredited certificates and recognition for your society's achievements, these awards also give you access to Students Union grant funding for society projects that you undertake.

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