The UELSU Societies Funding Model

 Being a student organiser running a society can be very exciting! Society Committee members spend time improving the student experience in many ways on and off campus at UEL.

You may feel that you will need assistance or extra resources to support a particular activity needed for your society.

The Union can help! We have provided a funding model where society committee members can apply for funding to support their society.

Find out below for more information on what you will need to do. Please read the below very carefully:


Who can apply for Society Funding:

Societies must show the following to be eligible for Special Funding. If not then no funding will be allocated. Funding is ONLY eligible for societies who have met the following requirements (during the same academic year):

The proposed Society has 10 or more student members, all paid up through the Students’ Union’s web system.

The proposed Society has a full official committee of a least the following: President, Finance Officer and Communications Officer.

A society Funding Request refers to requesting additional money from the Students’ Union’s ‘Societies Development Fund’, rather than spending from the society’s own account. The Societies Development Fund is available to current, fully registered UEL Students’ Union societies. Development Funding is never guaranteed (unless the specific request has already been approved by UEL Students’ Union staff) and may be limited by the nature of the activity/request, by the amount of funds available to the Students’ Union, the time of year, or by other funding requests by the same society. A society Funding Request uses the Funding Request Form and must be made 4 weeks in advance of the activity or purchase, giving full details of the planned expenditure (exact quotes and amounts)

What activities may be funded:

The Society Development Fund is used for activities which will lead to benefits for the membership of the society (and the organisation/longevity of the society) as widely as possible over a significant period of time. “One-off” benefits and benefits which only affect a small number of individuals will not be considered for Development Funding, except where the resulting possibility of significant long term advances for the society can be demonstrated.


Part Funding

By agreeing to part fund, the Union agrees to pay for part of the total cost of the event or activity. This might be agreed as a percentage (or upper limit fund), or the Students’ Union may agree to pay for certain items and not others. This is usually beneficial if the resource is over a specific limit.

Full Funding

The Union may agree to pay the full cost for the specific purpose to which the society has applied for funding.



Society Funding Request Form 

Click here to download this form. Once completed, please email back to the Societies Coordinator at 

Please be advised that it can take up to 10 working days to review your application and get back to your society. So do please send your applications well in advance!

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