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Capitalism is in crisis. The NHS is being sold-off, COVID still rages across the world, and no one seems to have a solution to the impending climate catastrophe. The working class are being made to pay for the crisis that the bosses created! It is time to fight back! Revolutionary ideas and a revolutionary movement have never been more needed!


UEL Marxist Society is a student and youth group based at the University of East London who are actively involved in spreading revolutionary Marxist ideas amongst the youth and connecting the student movement with the working class movement! We are part of a national network of 50 Marxist societies organised in the Marxist

Student Federation, the youth section of Socialist Appeal.
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We have an action-packed semester of events coming up to get UEL students acquainted with revolutionary theory and practice! On the 22nd of September, after our Freshers Fair stall, we'll be having an evening society social at The Goldengrove Wetherspoons in Stratford, so pop along and meet some Marxists!

For the rest of the semester, we have a series of talks on revolutionary theory and history listed on our semester termcard. The highlight of the semester will be the Revolution Festival, organised in London by the Marxist Student Federation and Socialist Appeal where hundreds of revolutionaries across Britain and Europe will discuss Marxist ideas and their application to the pressing questions of our time! Check out the talks and get your ticket in advance here:

We look forward to seeing all of you next week and onwards

Check back soon for more events

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