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Anti-bullying week

Multi-coloured image with "United against bullying, #AntiBullyingWeek" written in the middle

Let’s tackle bullying!

Anti-bullying week kicks off from Monday 16 November and we will be taking the time to understand how we can improve things for our students and asking everyone to reflect on their own behaviours and actions. 

Are you worried about a friend? Throughout the week, we'll be sharing services the University offers for reporting bullying and getting wellbeing support. We'll also be encouraging all of you to carry our one random act of kindness during the week, to help make the world a friendlier place. 

Are you concerned that you might be a bully? During anti-bullying week, we’ll be defining all the different types of bullying and outlining the key differences between bullying and ‘banter’, to help make us all aware of how our behaviour impacts the people around us. 

We all need a friends to help us through university, so we will be hosting lots of fun virtual events to give you all the chance to meet other students and make some new friends.

To celebrate our differences and all the things that make us unique, we’ll be supporting the work of the Anti-Bullying alliance by wearing odd socks on Monday 16 November. Join us in our anti-bullying mission by putting on your odd socks and tagging us in your photos on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

Visit our events page to stay up to date on all the events happening throughout the week.