Award Descriptions:

Society Awards

Society awards recognise societies and their members for their contribution to the student experience at UEL

  1. Society of the Year: Awarded to a society that has made a massive contribution to the student experience by organizing a wide range and high number of events and activities dedicated to the improvement of the student community at UEL. The society is also actively present across all campuses, has a strong and active student membership base, minimum of a bronze level achievement in STARS

  2. Best New Society: Awarded to a new society affiliated between April of the previous academic year and the present, and has exceeded expectations and demonstrated commitment to their future development. They have made a positive impact within the campus community, bringing together students and providing opportunities for students to get involved.

  3. Most Improved Society: Awarded to a society who has taken active steps this year to develop themselves, build on the successes and failures of previous years and/or worked to maintain the high standards of pervious years in differing circumstances. They have become a pro-active society that engages with all of its members in a variety of different ways.

  4. Best Society Event: Recognizes the best event or programme of activity of a single society (or collaborative effort). The event will have taken a great deal of effort to organise, exercised excellent project management skills, been well promoted, and been delivered successfully to a diverse range of students

Student Staff Member

  1. Student Staff Member: This award is to recognise the work of a student staff member working at the UEL Students’ Union that has displayed considerable commitment to UEL students and has gone above and beyond expectations, provided an excellent level of customer service, maintained a positive and innovative approach to engaging with students, staff, and other stakeholders; enabling students and staff to fully engage with and make the most of UEL Students’ Union’s services, events, and activities; and had a memorable impact on the experience of students and staff on more than one occasion.

Student Led Teaching Awards (SLTA)

(2017 sponsored by NWIDLF)

These awards recognise and reward those academic and support staff members who are committed to delivering great teaching/supervision and enhancing the student experience. Students nominate staff who highlight good practice through both teaching and engaging students. Awards categories are as follows:

  1. Best Lecturer

  2. Best Feedback

  3. Best Dissertation or Project Supervisor

  4. Best Support Staff

  5. Best Personal Tutor

  6. Most Innovative Teaching

For more information, please visit our SLTA Nominations page 

Democratic Awards

(2017 sponsored by Corper Solutions)

Students who receive awards in the democratic category are ones who have demonstrated their dedication to the democracy and voice of the student population at UEL.

  1. Non-Executive Councillor Recognition: This award recognises the time commitment of the student concillors who have attended the majority of student council and democratic meetings this academic year. The winners of this award are students who have fulfilled their role of holding the executive officers to account as well as ensuring scrutiny and transparency of the whole Students' Union
  2. Outstanding Student-Led Campaign: This award recognises the value and importance of autonomous student-led campaigns and seeks to highlight campaigns that are innovative, make good use of research and evidence to back their arguments and seek to deliver real impact that will result in positive change either on campus, locally, nationally or internationally
  3. Student Representative of the Year: This is an opportunity to reward a Student Rep who has not only represented the needs and interests of the students they were elected to represent but has also achieved a change as a result that has positively benefited the students in their cohort and/or the wider university community.

Honorary Life Membership

Presented by the Students’ Union President, this is the highest honour the Students’ Union grants for an individual's outstanding service and contribution to the work of the Union. Their actions have been inspiration and set a standard of excellence, outlined in the nominations put forward to the Board of Trustees by the Student Council. Candidates include alumni, past officers, patrons (such as huge benefactors), and past staff members.


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