housing advice

Moving Out

If your tenancy agreement is for a fixed term (usually 12 months) you should normally be able to move out when the tenancy expires without giving notice.   Check your tenancy agreement to confirm the period of notice expected.

Prior to moving out make sure that you do the following

  • Clean everywhere thoroughly including the garden if you have one.  The landlord may wish to deduct money from your deposit to pay for the property to be cleaned otherwise. Always take date-stamped photos before and after.
  • Remove all rubbish from inside and outside of the property.
  • Take meter readings and inform the utility companies, squaring any bills.
  • Arrange a inventory checkout with your landlord / letting agents.  If this is not possible make your own notes and take photos (with date stamps).
  • Give back your keys.
  • Request your deposit back.  If there is no dispute you should get your deposit back within ten working days. You should look at the website for the deposit scheme your money is being held in for more information on if there is a dispute.