UEL Student Societies are groups of students with a common interest, who plan their own events and activities on or around University of East London campuses. The Students Union affiliates and supports our student societies by providing student organisers with training, resources, advice, venues, any other relevant assistance. Student Societies are not-for-profit, and like the Students Union itself, they are run by students, for students.

Join or Contact a Society

Joining a student society is a great way to make new friends, try out new activities, and get involved in some of the events that go on around campus. 

You may even find yourself deciding to get involved in running a society, which can help you to learn important organisational and leadership skills, which will look impressive on your CV.

UEL Students Union Student Societies are fitted into the below 5 catagories:

Academic & Subject - Religious - Hobbies Interests & Arts - International & Cultural - Community, Fundraising & Campaigns Community,


Become a Society Organiser

For 2017-18: https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/newsocietyreg17-18


Current students at UEL can become a society organiser. There are two ways to do this:

1. Join an existing society and be part of the committee.

2. Start up your own society by finding some like-minded students.

Who are student organisers?

Society Organiser's are usually current UEL Students who want to improve the student experience for others through many different activity on campus. No previous experience is needed, just a little effort to learn, and finding a few students who can help you out. Student society organisers are volunteers, and running a student society is a form of volunteering. The Students' Union will help you as much as you need.


Why Run a Society?

Societies are fun and a great way to build and develop skills, whilst improving the student experience at UEL. By planning activities and events you’ll make great new friendships, and gain a lot of experience once you leave University.  This can include recruiting volunteers, learn tips and tricks about publicity, handle budgets, plan awesome events, and much more.

You can also hold positions on the Society Committee such as “Finance Officer of the UEL Theatre Society” or similar, and the Students Union will uphold this. Employers are becoming increasingly interested in university graduates who have put in volunteering time, participated in extra-curricular activities, or learned how to organise events and network with other students.

For more information please visit the Running A Society page.


Main contact for societies enquiries:

Olivia Adekunle, Societies Coordinator

0208 223 7453




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