Welcome to University of East London Students' Union

At University of East London Students’ Union, it is our job to help you get the most out of university.

We provide fun activities and events that help you to meet students and make new friends. You can also join our student groups such as Gospel, Creative Design, Musical Theatre or Dance Society, to name but a few. Our academic groups are subject-based, which means you can join students to discuss topics within, for example, business, architecture or nursing. Find out about all our student groups and register to join here.

We exist to give voice to the collective opinion of students, through our student officers, school and course representatives, and community groups. On every level, we make sure that the University is listening to students’ thoughts on their education and the issues that are important to them. Find out how we support students here.

We are here to support you when you need us. We can provide you with impartial advice to help you with any issues relating to your studies. Find out more about our advice service here.


Your Student Leaders


  • Irfana Kottikulam-Aboobacker Activities and opportunities officer
  • Pippa Evans Education Officer
  • Lavanya Rajendran Wellbeing and community officer
  • Election in autumn School representative (architecture, computing and engineering)

  • Election in autumnSchool representative (business and law)
  • Election in autumn School representative (education and communities)
  • Election in autumn School representative (health, sport and bioscience)

  • Election in autumn School representative (psychology)
  • Election in autumn School representative (arts and creative industries)

What's Going On


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What's on at your Students' Union

Tue 31st January

31st January 3pm - 5pm
Pump House

Wed 1st February

English conversation club
1st February 3pm - 4pm
A chance to chat with a native English speaker so you can improve your English.
Board game Board games afternoon (DL)
1st February 4pm - 5pm
Pump House
Play some classic board games with new friends.

Fri 3rd February

Late night Fridays
3rd February 10pm - 3am
Underground Bar, Docklands

Sun 12th February

Bus trip to Oxford
12th February 8:30am - 6:30pm
Pickup at Docklands and Stratford
Off campus