Student officers

The Students' Union is led by a team of four elected student officers. They work full-time to represent students in the University and sit on the Union trustee board.

President: Mohammed Ismail

"It's important for our students to be aware of their rights and what they should expect from the Students’ Union and the University so they can complete their studies successfully."

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Ismail's three main priorities for the year:

  • Democracy and Representation: Work to improve and enhance the democratic representative structure of the Students’ Union so more students are able to partake in the decision making process. 
  • Engagement: Get students engaged with the existing opportunities provided by the Students’ Union and the University and lobby for more. I will work with the local community with the aim that in the near future, our students can be at the forefront of the drive to solve the problems and struggles faced by our local community.  
  • Employability: I will closely work with the other Sabbatical Officers and the University to enhance our students’ employability prospects. I will launch an initiative to have a mentoring programme. This will allow our existing students to further develop their skills and overcome weaknesses whereas giving our new students the opportunity to have a greater sense of belonging. 

Activities and Opportunities Officer: Samia Chowdhury

"I want students to feel welcome in our UEL community; I would like to see them enjoy their university life, make lots of friends and succeed."

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Samia's three main priorities for the year:

Increase the number of societies, particularly academic societies for each academic discipline. This will provide our students with the opportunity to engage with students with similar interests and have the best of what the University has to offer.

Increase peer to peer study group so students can learn from each other, get the support they need from their fellow students, share ideas and develop their interpersonal skills.

I will also work hard to foster relationships with the local community, bringing the University and the people in our community closer together. 

Education Officer: Naveen Pradeep

"I ran for election because there is no other way to engage with fellow students than joining them."

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Naveen's three main priorities for the year:

  • Improving placements opportunities and policies
  • Restructuring Course reps
  • Providing academic support

Welfare and Community Officer: Prince Dutt

"I ran for election because it's the best way to engage with students and hear from them"

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Prince's three main priorities for the year:

  • Mental health awareness
  • Make campus accessible for disabled students
  • Increase awareness of students' entitlements

Part-time officers

There are also a number of part-time officer roles across the Students' Union. Part-time officers are students who volunteer to represent different groups of students and steer the Students' Union as members of our Students' Council. Part-time officers support the full-time officers by feeding back information from fellow students, attending committees and campaigning.

Docklands (primary) office

NB.G.01 (North Building)
4-6 University Way
E16 2RD

T: 020 8223 7025


Stratford office

The Dome, University House
Water Lane
E15 4LZ

T: 020 8223 4209

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Company number: 10820498
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