student officers

Your Student Officers for 2021-2022

The Students' Union is led by the Board of Trustees, which includes three elected student officers. They work full-time to represent students at the University.

The officers' roles are explained briefly below - we will be adding more information about our officers in the next few weeks so keep checking this page!

Activities and Opportunities Officer: Irfana Kottikulam Aboobacker

Hello, I’m Irfana, your activities and opportunities officer. Throughout the year I’ll be working to create fun and interesting opportunities for you while you complete your studies.

Wellbeing and Community Officer: Lavanya Rajendran

I’m Lavanya and I was inspired to become your wellbeing and community officer because I want to help make student life better. I’ll be spending the year working to improve students’ mental wellbeing and looking for ways we can work more closely with the local community.

Education Officer

Position vacant.