student officers

The Students' Union is led by a team of three elected student officers. They work full-time to represent students in the University and sit on the Union trustee board.

Activities and Opportunities Officer: Insia Durrani

Hello, I’m Insia, your activities and opportunities officer. I am a film studies student at the University and throughout the year I’ll be working to create fun and interesting opportunities for you while you complete your studies.

What is Insia focussing on for the year? 
Develop a series of events and activities
: Going to university is a fantastic opportunity to try new things and expand your knowledge, experience of other cultures and communities. In addition, you will meet new people and make friends for life. We want to help everyone make the most of their time here and provide them with plenty of opportunities to do so. To do this, we will organise a series of engaging events and fun activities every month for you to get involved in. We will also make sure our events and activities cater to different interests and needs so that you all feel included.

Preparing our students for their future careers: Entering the job market can be an intimidating passage for many graduates. Employability skills are often neglected whilst we focus on our studies. We want to help you all stand out from the crowd with highly sought-after skills and experiences to boost your employability.

To make this possible, we are going to create a leadership programme that you are invited to join to develop your skills

Sharing language skills and supporting international students: University provides us with the opportunity to meet people from a multitude of backgrounds. We are so lucky that the University of East London has a wealth of students who can speak multiple languages and we think that should be celebrated. We want to launch a language exchange programme so that students can learn other languages and non-native English speakers can improve their English language skills.  


- Develop a series of events and activities
- Create a leadership programme
- Launch a language cafe programme

If any of this sounds interesting and you want to get involved, or if you have a question, contact me.

Education Officer: Naveen Pradeep

Hi everyone, I’m Naveen and this is my second year of being your education officer. I’m looking forward to working with you, your school and course reps to help improve your academic experience.

What is Naveen focussing on for the year? 
We understand that you all come from a variety of different educational backgrounds and we appreciate that it can be difficult for you to know what student success looks like as you complete your course. It’s incredibly important that students can easily track their educational progress, so you know when you are performing well or need to get extra help. This is why I will work with the university to create a charter to show you all how the university and the Student’s Union can help students reach their full potential

Completing a degree can be challenging and we want to make sure that you know where to turn if you run into any problems on your course. This year, we will work to increase the number of course reps, officers and student staff to improve they way you’re represented at university. We want you to know who to talk to if you ever run into issues and we want you to feel listened to. 

Work-based learning placements provide you with the valuable opportunity to boost your employability whilst gaining new skills. Many of you applied to a course the university for this reason, so we understand how important on-the-job learning is to you all. To help you make the most of your placements and experience you course to the full, we will make sure placement job descriptions are clearly communicated to you all, and that there are enough placements for all students, so that nobody misses out.

- Work with the university to develop a charter to help students understand how they can reach their potential.
- Improve student representation within schools
- Work with the university to develop a new policy which will improve the number and quality of work-based learning placements

If you want to get involved, or if you have a question, contact me.

Wellbeing and Community Officer: Jay Samtani

I’m Jay and I was inspired to become your wellbeing and community officer because I want to help make student life better. I’ll be spending the year working to improve students’ mental wellbeing and looking for ways we can work more closely with the local community.

What is Jay focussing on for the year? 
Suffering from a mental health condition can be an incredibly lonely experience and many people often feel unable to open up about their mental health for fear of being stigmatised. We went to make sure that the university is a safe space for people to talk to each other about managing their health and that you are all equipped with the tools to help you effectively manage your mental wellbeing. In order to achieve this, we will work with the university to make sure staff have appropriate training and raise awareness of how sport and physical activities can benefit your mental wellbeing.

Our university is based in the culturally rich and diverse borough of Newham. Spending some time giving back to the local community surrounding our university feels good and is a great way to meet the locals, make some friends and pick up some new skills for your CV. This year we’ll be working with the Student’s Union and local community groups to create a number of community-based opportunities for you all to get involved in.

Everybody at university should feel listened to and treated fairly regardless of their ability, background, race, age or gender. Associations provide you all with the opportunity to come together with people of similar experiences and share stories and ideas about how the university experience can be improved. Nobody should feel left out or unheard which is why we will create seven community groups this Autumn to help amplify marginalised voices within the student community.

- To increase awareness and understanding of mental health issues and tackle the stigma of these issues amongst the student population
- Create a new community engagement strategy which incorporates student groups to help the local community.
- Set up seven community groups to represent groups of under-represented people at the University.

If you want to get involved, or if you have a question, contact me.