Clarification provided on 11 Feb 2016 By Returning Officer:

This is a clarification regarding the rules as they relate to 'slates' in this year's students' union elections. 

  • The Returning Officer (RO) wishes to make it clear to candidates and voters that slates are permitted but campaigning under such an arrangement has certain conditions attached to it these are that:
  • Candidate publicity must represent individual candidates only and must not contain the name of any other candidate standing. In addition publicity must name an individual candidate and cannot be general, either in relation to an issue or a 'slate'?
  • The RO has also ruled that candidates who have students supporting them must only publicise one candidate at a time. E.g. A campaigner may not wear a t-shirt for one candidate and hand out leaflets for another. Equally a campaigner may not hand out multiple leaflets for multiple candidates at the same time.
  • It is important that candidates are aware that they are responsible for the conduct of anybody who is campaigning for them.
  • Finally shared expense are also not permitted and items purchased must be representative of individual candidates only, with receipts provided in support of this.

The above should be regarded as being in addition to the rules set out in the candidate booklet and must be followed by all candidates. Failure to do so may result in disqualification.

Kind regards,

Returning Officer


Slate - Page 15; Candidates Pack

After consultation with stakeholders, in order to ensure a fair and free elections, following the autumn elections in October 2015, the Returning Officer has recommended that the following be applied to slates:

  • Candidates in the elections can choose to join forces as a ‘slate’ to spread their message and encourage students to vote for them but candidates are required to run and be elected as individual.
  • Although Candidates are allowed to be a part of a slate, their publicity needs to identify them as an independent candidate, where they will have control over their own budget, submit an individual manifesto and individual campaign team.
  • Running in this way has the benefit of the candidate having total control over what they spend their budget on and on their campaign team to make sure they do not break any rules and thus ensuring that if any rules are broken we do not need to disqualify the whole slate.
  • Resources cannot be shared amongst candidates.

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