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See below for the nomination criteria. The shortlist and winners was done by a panel of students and a member of staff from CELT.

The UELSU Student Led Teaching Awards recognise and reward those academic and support staff members who are committed to delivering great teaching/supervision and enhancing the student experience. It is a chance for students to nominate university staff and highlight good practice of not just teaching but engaging with students.

This is the Sixth year that students have the chance to nominate in these awards. UEL  and the Students’ Union want to commend and award those staff who go above and beyond in their roles and who continue to promote excellence in their teaching/supervision and passion in their field. Nominated by students and awarded by a panel of student judges and one non-academic and non student facing Staff. These awards are all about what the students think.

With the awards covering a range of aspects related to the academic and learner experience, from student feedback to student experience impact, students have full control of who is awarded these prestigious awards including the highly coveted Best Lecturer of the year award and Dissertation/ Project Supervisor of the year award. Last year we received a total of 458 nominations so this year lets make it bigger and better!!!



The Imaginative Thinker award for creative teaching

Do you have a lecturer that has really impressed you with their teaching approach? Can you remember a time when you looked forward to the lecture because of the lecturer rather than the subject? The Imaginative Thinker award will be given to a lecturer that has gone beyond the call of educational duty. You should nominate someone who uses a diverse range of teaching methods to engage you in an imaginative manner. If you know of a lecturer who really has stood out for you, someone who enhanced your learning experience, nominate them below.

For this category, Please nominate through the following link -

The Word of Wisdom award for academic advising

Every one of you is appointed an academic advisor. Have you found yours really helped you throughout the year? The Word of Wisdom award will be given to an academic advisor who has helped you produce your best work and gave you prompt support. If your academic advisor was encouraging and kept you engaged then nominate them below.

For this category, Please nominate through the following link -

The Unsung Hero award for non-lecturing staff

University isn’t just about lecturers. At UEL, there are many people who make a difference for you. This person could be from UELSU, catering, maintenance, SportsDock, etc. While it may not be a part of their role, you should nominate someone who goes beyond their duties to provide support for you and has an excellent understanding of your needs as a student. The UnSung Hero award will be given to a member of support staff who has helped you in some way or another. Think you know someone? Nominate them below.

For this category, Please nominate through the following link -

The Personal Maestro award for most valuable supervision

Dissertations, thesis and final year projects are an integral part of your university experience. Writing an excellent dissertation or project is a mixture of hard work and well-timed feedback. The Personal Maestro award will be given to supervisors who have been a pillar of support to help you achieve your potential. If you believe your supervisor has been phenomenal, inspirational and motivational then nominate them below. 

For this category, Please nominate through the following link -

The Guiding Star award for most effective feedback

Feedback is essential to do your best work and some academic staff or postgraduate student lecturers may be exceptional in giving feedback. The Guiding Star award will be given to a lecturer who has provided you with the resources that allowed you to complete your assignments to a suitable level and who provided you with feedback in both constructive and complimentary ways in a timely fashion. Think you know someone that fits the cut? Nominate them below.

For this category, Please nominate through the following link -

The Extra Mile award for inspirational teaching

UEL prides itself with its exceptional lecturers but one will always stand out amongst them all. The Extra Mile award will be given to a lecturer or a postgraduate student lecturer who inspires you and who teaches you in captivating ways. Have you had a lecturer who is so obviously passionate about teaching and perhaps inspires you to always do better? Nominate your lecturer that makes you think differently and critically below.

For this category, Please nominate through the following link -

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