This form is a prerequisite for events held on behalf of, or organised by, UEL Clubs and Societies. Please read through and tick that you have read and acknowledge all the terms & conditions. Forms with boxes unticked will not be processed.

All booking request forms MUST be returned to the Student Union no later than three weeks before the requested event date. Electronic submissions will be accepted. The event’s organiser will be contacted to confirm the booking is complete.

Terms and Conditions

Section 1: Your Responsibilities

  1. You must provide adequate staffing/volunteers for the event you wish to hold. This includes an event organiser, a DJ, and two persons to oversee the taking of payments if you wish to charge an entrance fee. Staff/volunteers to assist with the setup of any equipment you wish to use as well as staff/volunteers for general assistance during the event.
  2. Details of the Event Organiser, staff and volunteers must be given in Section 4 of this form and failure to do this will prevent a booking from being confirmed until the full information is provided.
  3. The Event Organiser by default will be one of the following positions within a sports club or union affiliated society: president/chairman, treasurer, secretary/vice president.
  4. The Event Organiser must ensure they are present for the full duration of the event and cooperate fully with security, bar/catering staff at all times. Failure to comply may result in a disciplinary actions been taken.
  5. All use of in-house equipment must be declared in the ‘Description of Event and Activities’ section.
  6. Alongside specifying which in-house equipment you wish to use, you must also state any hired or personal equipment that will be needed for the event and confirm that the latter has all been tested for its safety (PAT Testing) and is in full working order.
  7. Your Club/Society will be held responsible for any damaged equipment they will be charged in full for the replacement or repair of any damaged equipment.
  8. The Student Union provides five (5) Security members of staff; in case it is proved through the risk assessment that an event requires an additional security service, the Club/Society will have to pay any additional fees.

Section 2: Guest Policy

Guest are any person(s) who are not current students or staff members at UEL.  They MUST:

  1. Be signed in at Underground Bar by a UEL student before 6pm on the day of the event (only one guest per student per event)
  2. Arrive accompanied by the student who has signed them in and with valid photographic ID to prove age of 18 years old or above
  3. Students who bring guests are responsible for the behaviour of that individual at all times

Section 3: Students’ Union Responsibilities & General Conditions

  1. Only correctly and fully completed request forms will be processed for approval.  Any incorrectly completed forms will be sent back to the requester for completion.
  2. Upon approval of your event request, the Union will ensure that you have the
    opportunity for at least one face to face meeting with UELSU staff members to receive support and guidance to increase the quality of your event.
  3. UELSU will ensure that sufficient security as well as SIA Licensed Door Supervisors are booked to accurately record the number of people in the venue at any time, based on the details given within this form, therefore you will not be charged upfront for this cost.
  4. Ensure the bar will also be fully staffed and remain open until the agreed event time curfew (as approved by this document).
  5. Ensure that any entry fee money collected will be counted and signed off by the Chartwells Bar Manager checked against the number of attendees and then signed off by the event organiser.

Section 4: General Conditions

  1. A valid UEL photographic ID must be shown at all times for entry or when
    requested by a member of Security staff, bar staff or other UEL Managers
  2. If desired, drink deals are to be discussed with Chartwells management no
    later than 10 days before the event. Only at the discretion of Chartwells management will drink deals be offered.
  3. Due to licensing laws, no one is permitted to supply or consume any products
    that were not purchased within the venue. This is non-negotiable.
  4. Event organisers are responsible for the event publicity and must brief UEL
    and UELSU staff on their publicity before distributing or display the material
  5. An entry stamp and door float can be provided for use but must be returned at
    the end of the event.
  6. You will need to bring a cash float of roughly £50 to use for change at the
    guests arrival.
  7. Cancellations may be made no later than 10 days before the event date.  If later any costs already made will be charged to the club or society

Section 5: Risk Assessments

A risk assessment must be provided for each event.  Please review the sample risk assessments, and complete the blank risk assessment to accompany your event. You may submit it as an attachment with the booking request form when you email it to Students’ Union: Please title the document ‘club/society name_booking date’. For example, if I was the chess society booking an event for the 12th February I would save the file as ‘Chess_12 Feb’

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