Thank you to everyone who joined us for the Students' Union awards on Wednesday 03 June. We hope you enjoyed yourself. Big congratulations to everyone who won tonight! 

The Awards is an opportunity for you to thank your fellow students, the Students’ Union societies, and University staff for their hard work to create a great student experience. It’s down to their fantastic achievements this year that make our community what it is today.

We had three categories of awards – teaching/non-teaching staff, societies and course representatives. And this year, we had over 600 nominations from students.

Award winners

Societies awards

- Best committee member – Faika-Rudaba Chowdhury, Islamic Society
- Best society event – Diwali, Indian Society
- Best new society – Musical Theatre Society
- Best society of the year – Indian Society

Teaching/non-teaching awards

- Most effective supervisor - Ali Lara, Psychology
- Best academic adviser - Simon Miles, Arts and Creative Industries
- Most effective feedback - Nigel Davies, Health, Sport and Bioscience
- Best non-lecturing staff:  Francesca Valorsa, Arts and Creative Industries
- Best creative teacher: Julia Papworth (Psychology)
- Outstanding teacher of the year: Nicholas Wood (Psychology)

Course representatives awards

- Best course representative (Architecture, Computing and Engineering) Charlotte Lehane
- Best course representative (Arts and Creative Industries) Kayleigh Robinson
- Best course representative (Business and Law) Imran Ali
- Best course representative (Education and Communities) Wahida Chowdhury
- Best course representative (Health, Sport and Bioscience) Georgia Brooke Potter
- Best course representative (Psychology) Nadine Heerhold
- Best overall course representative: Kayleigh Robinson