Who are Course Representatives?

Students' Union Course Representatives are students from your course who volunteer to represent your academic interests.

What do Course Reps do?

Course Reps represent their coursemates by gathering feedback and views on issues that affect you and your classmates and then bringing these to the attention of the academic staff on your course. The type of issues include module deadlines, cancelled lectures, late lecturers, unavailability of past exam papers, limited access to lab equipment/facilities and so much that affects studies at UEL.

Why are Course Reps important?

Student feeback is crucial towards shaping the University's decision-making processes. Course Reps promote a culture of partnership between various stakeholders  within the University; UEL staff, other Course Reps, and the Students' Union. 

When do Course Reps represent "me"?

They represent your feedback at various school and course committees, focus groups and school forums in order to improve your academic experience at UEL.

How do I contact my Course Reps?

If you do not know who your Course Rep is, ask your course leader for their name.

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