Events in February

Forthcoming Events

Mon 1st February

Speed Meet: open to everyone!
4pm - 4:45pm
Meet new people... fast!

Wed 3rd February

Bollywood Dance with SportsDock
7pm - 7:45pm
Microsoft Teams

Thu 4th February

Box Fit with SportsDock
noon - 12:45pm
Microsoft Teams
Drag Race UK Ep 4 Viewing Party
7:30pm - 8:30pm
Come watch the 4th episode with us!

Mon 8th February

Societies vs. COVID-19 Workshop
2pm - 3pm
Microsoft Teams

Tue 9th February

Media and Journalism Society launch event
4:30pm - 5:30pm
Microsoft Teams
Dance Fitness with SportsDock
6pm - 6:45pm
Microsoft Teams

Wed 10th February

Wed 17th February

Ask Me Anything - I'm a Tech Recruiter
6pm - 8pm
Wagora is bringing you this live AMA event exclusive for university students! Wagora is a community dedicated to empower, connect and advance women working or aspiring to work in the tech industry.
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