Other issues

There are many other issues that can crop up during your time at UEL that are not covered on the other pages of this website. For most of these issues we would recommend you make an appointment with us.


Taking a break from your studies (intermission/deferral)

Standards assessment



Being withdrawn from your course as you have 'exhausted' or ran out of assessment opportunities, cannot complete within four years, or because you have not obtained enough credit can have very serious consequences on your studies. 

In most cases like this it would be beneficial for you to have an appointment with us.


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Taking a break from your studies (intermission/deferral)

If you are going through a very serious, prolonged illness or other serious circumstances you may think about taking a break from your studies. The University calls this intermission, or deferral.

There are rules and regulations around when students can and can't take a break from their studies. You should read them here (B.8.2 for Home/EU students, C8.1 for international students).

To request a break from your studies you should write to your Programme Leader or a Deputy Academic Registrar. You should make an appointment to see us as we will be able to guide you through this.

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Standards Assessment

This section only applies to students students studying toward NQT (newly qualified teacher) status.

Situations can occur where students are deemed "likely to fail" on a school-based placement. This is an academic decision arising out of assessment of your progress toward meeting the eight Teaching Standards as set by the Department for Education.

A standards assessment can be triggered for a wide range of reasons. The standards assessment is normally undertaken at the school where you are doing your placement.

You will be observed for some of your classes and notes will be made by your tutor as to whether you are on track for reaching the Teaching Standards. You may also have a meeting with your tutor to present your portfolio of work and describe any mitigating circumstances that may have impaired your performance during the week where you are on your standards assessment.

Failing your standards assessment will lead to your withdrawal from your programme of study. If you are undergoing standards assessment we recommend you make an appointment with an advisor where you can discuss if you are eligible for academic appeal.

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