student representation

What is a school rep?

For the first time, we have six paid school-level reps who work closely with the education officer and the course reps in their respective schools on school-level education and experience issues. 

The main purpose of this role is to represent and oversee the course rep system on a school level. This includes sitting on school committees, collating overarching themes from Course Committee meetings within your school to represent at these meetings, and being a part of the Students’ Union Leadership Committee.  Find out more about the school rep role. 

School reps work alongside the Students’ Union team, our education officer, and course reps within your school. They attend relevant committees within your school, plan and deliver academic campaigns, organise events, engage with course reps in your school via Teams and at meetings, and complete relevant training.

Who are the school reps for 2020-21?

  • Architecture, Computing and Engineering: Charlotte Lehane, BA Graphic Design
  • Arts and Creative Industries: Michael Wiggins, BA Computer Games Design: Story Development
  • Business and Law: Faridah Adeyemo, LLB Law with International Relations
  • Education and Communities: Helena Carter, BA International Development with NGO Management
  • Health, Sport and Bioscience: Titilayo West, BSc Public Health and Health Services Management
  • Psychology: Timothy Martin, BSc Psychology


If you have any questions about the role of a School Rep, you can email