housing advice

Housing advice

The Housing Advice service help students to have a better experience when living in rented accomodation. 

The service is delivered by the advice team at the University of East London Students' Union. It is important to note that we are unable to offer the same level of advice on housing matters (we do not specialise in this area).

Our Service standards are the same for both services in regards to being free, independent, impartial, Informative, non-judgemental and confidential.  To see our Service Standards please visit http://www.uelunion.org/advice/academic/standards/

We have outlined below what we can and cannot do as a service for students with housing issues. 

What we can do

What we can’t do

Offer you basic advice on your rights as a tenant living in halls of residence, private accommodation or social housing.

We cannot offer specialist advice.  If due to the complexity of your issue we are unable to deal with your case we will refer you to an external agency for advice.

Offer you advice on contracts, deposits, inventories and other helpful topics when looking for somewhere to live.

Recommend estate agents, landlords or other services, nor can we help you find a place to live generally. We do not maintain a recommended housing list.

Offer you an appointment to discuss your situation.

Discuss your housing issue and an academic related matter in one appointment.  Please book separate appointments.

Refer you to Student Services and/or external agencies for debt advice.

Offer you debt advice.

Refer you to external agencies for specialist advice (for e.g. Shelter, Citizens Advice Bureau).

Make contact (via letter, email, phone, in person) with your landlord or any other third party.


Making an appointment

To request appointment with the advice service, please email students.union@uel.ac.uk with details of the issue you are facing. A receptionist will assess the circumstances, and contact you with availability. Currently, all advice appointments are taking place via Microsoft Teams, or on the phone if preferred.

Prior to the meeting you will be sent a form via email to complete before your appointment.  You will be asked basic questions about your tenancy and the issues you are facing to save time during the appointment. 

Appointments are of half hour duration and we expect students to turn up in good time for those appointments. Students who are later than five minutes for appointments will have the appointment cancelled.

Students should also bring any documents, e-mails, letters and other materials that are relevant to the case as the details in these items may be central to the advice we provide. Where possible, we will aim to provide written notes to the student after the appointment outlining the details of the meeting as well as what advice was offered.