About us

Who should I contact?

Student advice: If you require advice for an academic (appeals, misconduct, extenuating circumstances, etc.) or disciplinary matter, read our guidance first. Student officers and staff will refer you to the same page if you contact them directly about these matters.

Marketing/advertising: If you are interested in advertising, marketing, sponsorship or attending our welcome fair, please email su.marketing@uel.ac.uk

Finance: Student groups should contact students.union@uel.ac.uk. Suppliers should contact su.finance@uel.ac.uk

Student Officers

Lavanya Rajendran
Activities and opportunities officer

Jasmeet Gupta
Education officer

Irfana Kottikulam Aboobacker
Wellbeing and community officer



Chief Executive Officer: Paddy Reilly (students.union@uel.ac.uk)

Executive Assistant (Governance): Firat Avci (students.union@uel.ac.uk)

Head of Policy and Advice: Lisa Thomas (lisa@uel.ac.uk)

Advice Manager: Juliette Mitchell (student.advice@uel.ac.uk)

Adviser: Katie Curtis (student.advice@uel.ac.uk)

Policy Manager: vacant (su.marketing@uel.ac.uk)

Head of Engagement and Marketing: vacant (su.marketing@uel.ac.uk)

Marketing and Communications Manager: Susan Buckley (s.buckley@uel.ac.uk)

Insight Manager: Oscar Clarke (o.clarke@uel.ac.uk)

Activities and Events Manager: vacant (students.union@uel.ac.uk)

Activities and Events co-ordinator: Lois Edwards (l.edwards@uel.ac.uk)

Head of Finance and Administration: vacant (su.finance@uel.ac.uk)

Reception/administration co-ordinator: Millie Done (students.union@uel.ac.uk)

Receptionist/administrator: Nicole Clarke-Dacosta (students.union@uel.ac.uk)