UELSU is lead by five Executive Officers, supported by UELSU Staff Team.
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Stephen Amanwo

My name is Stephen Amanwo; I have been elected as your Students' Union President and together, we will build a strong team that will enable us to run a proactive students' union, as I know I can’t do it  without you.  
I love both computer games and live sports. My favorite game - at which I still hold an unbeatable record - is Table Tennis. You are welcome to ask me any question, advice academically, philosophically in all ramification. I am also a fitness instructor.  My top priority will be our student’s achievements; I will fully support our students where appropriate to make sure no stone is unturned in our student’s activities.

Top Tip for Students?
There are more ways to make life at University easier than we can predict. The first is studying; it should be your top priority. Do not leave anything till the last minute - and that is not just for assignment deadline. Be yourself at all time, join a social group like a society, be eager to add more value to your life, knowing that employers pay for our value and not just our name. Anyone can have the same name as you but they won’t have the same skill. Learn to live well for less and to manage your budget, eat healthy food, keep fit, make friends, be gentle and kind but know your rights and help people in need and less able. 
"We can’t help everyone, but everyone can help someone." - Ronald Reagan
"The measure you give is the measure you receive."

Fun Fact about you?
I have ways to make people smile and laugh. I can also read your mind base on your facial expression.


Mary Carr
Vice-President Societies & Communications






Mojahar Ali
Vice-President Welfare

Hi everyone! I am Mojahar Ali from Bangladesh and I am your new Vice President of Business, Law and Psychology. On top of graduating with a degree in Law (LLB) from UEL, I have also completed my first degree from the University of Dhaka in Bangladesh. I have been heavily involved in societies, sports and charitable activities during my time as a student. I have worked on many projects over the past years. I am always helpful, supportive and friendly to others. I will work to make a positive difference to your lives and enhance your educational experience.

Fun Fact about you?
I can talk with my mouth close. I also used to share my food with my dog and cats when I was a baby!

Ayokunle Falana
Vice-President Education

I have just finished my masters in Biotechnology and one of my hobbies I like to play football and read a lot of unknown things. What I particularly like is to always try and do what others says is impossible because I believe there is nothing impossible.
One of the main thing I would like to do during my year in office is to help students out there who struggle with an are of their studies, especially students of Health, Sport and Bioscience.
I am passionate about academics because it's one of the main goal of University and for you to have an education is a privilege. I come from a family where nobody has ever had any formal education and if I could make it most definitely, others can do too.

Roosevelt Avi
Vice-President Community Development

I'm currently studying for a Masters Degree in software engineering. The main thing I intend to do during my time in office will be student engagement and make students enjoy their degree with a bit of fun. I also fancy inter school competitions. 
I'm a bit of a technology freak especially when it comes to computers and smart phones. 
I love to to play and watch football and I also love to play pool. 

Fun Fact about you?
I was named after President Franklin Delano Roosevelt so I wanted to be President of America as well even though I'm Nigerian. 

Denis Shukur
Chief Executive Officer (C.E.O.)

I have overall responsibility for the running of the Union, its finances, matters of legal compliance and formation of the Union’s strategy. I work to ensure that the charitable objectives of the Union are met and service the Board of Trustees.
Students could come and see me for a general chit chat or if they want to find out more about what the Union has to offer. They could also come and see me about any complaints that they might have.

Top Tip for Students?
Get involved with the Union, in any way possible and come and talk to the Union about how we can make your experience better.

Fun Fact about you?
I still love playing video games, to the point  that my children have to moan to my wife for me to give them ago.

Our Advice Service team provides face-to-face and email advice to students about many areas of student life. This can include helping students who’ve missed their deadlines, want to appeal or complain, or sometimes students who end up in trouble!
They also help students with housing issues such as deposit disputes and giving advice on how to avoid dodgy lets.
There are lots of reasons why students might come and see our Caseworkers in the Advice Service. You can find out more at

Lisa Thomas

Head of Student Support

Top Tip for Students?
Don't leave things to the last minute!

Fun Fact about you?
I love Reality TV. My favourite is probably “I’m a celebrity... Get me out of here!”  - I love the eating bushtucker trial!


Luke Frost
Advice Services Manager

Top Tip for Students?
Don’t leave it until results day to talk to someone about a problem! If something is bothering you about your studies or if you’re not sure about something, always talk to your Personal Tutor, Programme Leader, the Hub or come see us in the Union.

Fun Fact about you?
I really love Star Wars. I think my dad called me Luke because he loves Star Wars as well, though he denies it.


Temilade Orekoya

Top Tip for Students?
We all have individual experiences which we can share with each other.
Be proud of yourself, be proud of your accomplishments. You have all earned your place at UEL, which is a great achievement. 
Well done and best of luck in your future endeavours.

Fun Fact about you?
I love old movies (Classic Hollywood). At University, I was an avid member of the Classic Hollywood Club.
I also love theatre performances and going to plays. It relaxes me after a long stressful day.

Sumaiya Zubwala

Top Tip for Students?

I always believe that everyone has the inner strength and ability to get where they want. It just a matter of mind-set and perseverance. The student union is a great way to get noticed and enhance those people's skills for your future!
Be an inspiration and be inspired through the students union! You have skills that you don't know about!

Fun Fact about you?
My son has finally converted me into a dinosaur fan! I think a Spinosaurus is a Carnivore & Stegosaurus is a Herbivore! Now don't research whether I am right in that! Sometimes, me and my son act out dinosaurs - obviously the prey has to be his father!
Ps: I always  thought carrot cake was awful because its key ingredient is a veg! But I was so wrong - it's yummy and mine is apparently the best! 

Coming soon

Alex Volkov
Office Manager

As an Administrator, I am dealing with a variety of admin matters at the SU and supervising two teams: Reception team and Tech team. I am also assisting Deputy CEO and other staff members with some finance and admin workload. From time to time I am working at the frontline - the reception and the hub, both can be quite busy at times.
Students come and see me when they need direction to sort their academic issues, complaints and have some admin enquiries. I also advise on best use of UELSU facilities or help to locate a member of staff or an officer for them.

Top Tip to Students?
Make the most of your time at UEL. The Students’ Union team is here for you. You can help to make the Union better. Be active.

Fun Fact about you?
A good sci-fi movie will make my day (or night), but minus popcorn - probably ate too much of it when was a kid.

Mark Gillespie
Deputy CEO (Membership)

I oversee all aspects of the core business of the Students’ Union which is governance, democracy and representation. I oversee the Unions functional systems for decision making, change and I work closely with the elected officers to ensure that they are enabled to be effective in their role and deliver their manifesto pledges for the benefit of our students.  I also oversee the Union’s Civic Engagement and Radio operations and support collaborative partnerships with the University to ensure students have a diverse range of opportunities to engage, be empowered and enhance their higher education experience.

Top Tip to Students?
It’s simple - to get involved with the Students’ Union! Being involved in my University’s Students’ Union changed my life for the better and I encourage students to participate in decision making processes, campaigns, events and activities to shape their university experience.

Fun Fact about you?
Along with having a collection of Atari computers which date back to the 1980s, I still play football competitively, have a burgeoning collection of Lego (courtesy of my three year old son), and make outstanding home made pizza.


Nishaant Kumar
Academic Enhancement  Manager

My job is to help make your academic experience better by training and supporting you to become a student leader (I.e. programme rep, school rep, union officer), as well as ensuring that the student voice is heard whether that’s through supporting projects, campaigns or University/Union committees.
You come to see me if you wish to find out about training and support available for you to be a student leader, and representing your peers.
Find out more about Representation here.

Top Tip to Students?
Everyone has the potential to be a leader, it’s all about developing the right skills and attitude – Your journey starts now at UEL become a student leader!!!

Fun Fact about you?
I speak 6 languages.


Sam Mujunga
Democracy Coordinator

As the Democracy Coordinator, I am in charge of the operational aspects of the Union's democratic functions. This primarily includes the planning and running of the elections in the Spring and Autumn where you elect your student officers and council members.

Top Tip to Students?
Any (and every) student should actively engage with the democratic process and hold their elected officers to account, to have a strong Students' Union.

Fun Fact about you?
I am a big Liverpool FC fan and actively make sure that I try and watch every game, to the extent that i download the fixtures onto my phone calendar.
Also, my favourite TV Shows are "The Wire", "The Thick of It" and "Only Fools and Horses". I try to watch at least one of those from start to finish per year.


Daniel Holmes
Interim Societies Coordinator

For all society related queries, please contact d.holmes@uel.ac.uk

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