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UELSU Advice Service: Service User Agreement (February 2018)

Our Service Standards

Our Service Standards outline what you can expect from our service, as well as what we can expect from you as a service user. They can be found online here

A copy is also held at the SU Reception desk. By signing this agreement, you agree to abide by the Service Standards as outlined on our website.

Data Protection

The Advice Service abides by our Data Protection Statement as well as the Data Protection Act 1998 and the UEL Data Protection Policy 

In accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998 we are required to obtain your consent for the following:

  1. to hold information about you on our electronic database and process your personal data;
  2. to store confidential records of case notes and all correspondence with you in our electronic database;
  3. To access data relevant to your case as held about you within UEL systems
  4. where agreed with you, to discuss your case with members of University staff;
  5. to discuss your case where appropriate with other staff members of the Advice Service team;
  6. To allow your case file to be accessed by third parties (Advice Quality Standard Assessors included) strictly for auditing purposes.
  7. to contact you for feedback on the quality of our service;
  8. with your permission, where your case may set a precedent that could benefit other service users, in a confidential way refer to your case when in correspondence with UEL;

You have the right to access any personal data that is being kept about you either in electronic or paper files. Requests for access to personal data will be dealt with as quickly as possible and either way within the 40 days required by law. Please make any such requests to

Authority to Act

By signing this form you agree that your Adviser may, from time to time, discuss your case with members of UEL staff or other authorised third parties. As far as possible this will be discussed and agreed with you ahead of time.

You also agree that in some situations your Adviser may act on your behalf. As far as possible this will be discussed and agreed with you ahead of time. This can include but is not exhaustive to;

  • Discussing or emailing UEL members of staff on your behalf so that action can be taken;
  • Negotiating and advocating for you in university meetings and panels;
  • Submitting forms;
  • Submitting evidence;
  • Requesting information relevant to your case from UEL



All information that students share with us will be treated with the strictest confidentiality. An advisor may share information with another advisor within the Advice Service but will not share any information with a 3rd party outside the service without the student’s full consent. All face to face interviews are conducted in a dedicated private space and our e-mails are accessed by Advice Service staff only.

UELSU Advice Service recognises that occasions may arise where Adviser’s feel they need to breach confidentiality. UELSU recognises that any breach of confidentiality may damage the reputation of our services and therefore is treated with the most serious of approaches.

Circumstances where an Adviser may feel they need to breach confidentiality, in exception to this policy include:

  • Where the Adviser feels there is an issue of serious current/potential self-harm or harm to others.
  • There is a conflict of interest which necessitates an Adviser informing one or more client(s) that they cannot provide advice services or that they can no longer act on their behalf. By its very nature, this will draw attention to the fact that they are acting for the other party and/or the other party has already sought advice.
  • Where not to do so would break the law; for example, under the Prevention of Terrorism Act 1989, it is an offence to fail to give information which may help to prevent acts of terrorism or apprehend a terrorist.