Be the Change: LGBTQ+ Wellbeing Workshop

Wednesday 24 February 2021 - 4pm - 5:30pm
Microsoft Teams

'Be The Change' is a workshop to recalibrate your goals and intentions for 2021. We'll explore new ways of transforming that dream you have into a reality.


“Success comes from the inside out.”

Why join this workshop?

-  Gain some clarity on what it is that you really want from life
-  Discover new self-care tools for managing your own wellbeing

-  Feel empowered having discovered new information about yourself

-  Try something new, feel inspired or simply get creative
-  Increase the positive impact you could have in the world

About this workshop:

During this 90minute workshop, we’ll explore how to source and use inspiration and nourishment through the lenses of our body, our voice and our image. We'll be drawing on these deep wells of often untapped wisdom, helping you get out of your head and into new ways of making change happen. We will take a strengths-based, positive approach to making change happen and you'll leave not just with clarity about your goal, but practical ways to turn that dream or fantasy into a reality.


You will take part in various creative and interactive workshops to help you bring your intentions to life, and we’ll be encouraging you to use your mind and body to discover brand new perspectives about yourself. 

The tools we’ll use:

We'll be incorporating tried and tested practices such as journaling, group sharing, self-enquiry, breath-work and meditation. These will be interspersed with key teachings and coaching techniques.

About our approach:

We offer a safe space to get curious, open up and discuss with others, aspects of your life you’re finding challenging or simply want to improve. Naturally it is a completely confidential space, where individuals can openly share their feelings and thoughts with the option of anonymity. 


About the team:

Founder of Create Space - Michael Edward Stephens

Facilitator – Dr Paul Taylor-Pitt

Co-Facilitator – Maylis Djikalou

Guest Speaker – Ajay Pabial

WE CREATE SPACE is a registered non-profit organisation providing wellbeing and self-empowerment workshops within the LGBTQ+ community.