Elections' month: Key dates and myth-busting

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Elections' month is coming soon! If you're interested in becoming a student officer, make sure you make a note of the key dates above! Find out how to become a student officer.

Join us below as we bust some more common elections' month myths! Visit our myth-busting blog post to tackle some more common election myths!


"Nobody cares about elections..."

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We get those elections can seem inconvenient or pointless, but if you care about your university experience, then it’s important you use this as a chance to use your voice and vote for change!

If you have ideas about how things could be better, then it’s important you use the election as a chance to be a leader of change, by nominating yourself!

If you don’t want to nominate yourself, then the best way you can help make change happen is by voting and telling your classmates to vote too!


"I haven't got the skills..."

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You don’t need to have experience or skills - just passion.

We will help you throughout your campaign, providing training on campaigning, and how to write a manifesto.

If you end up getting elected, you will continue to receive support and training from us and you will become part of our team alongside loads of other student employees at the Students' Union.



"Someone else will win..."

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A lot of people believe this when they nominate themselves for the role, but someone has to win, and it could be you!

You might think you don’t have enough experience to be a student officer, or that another candidate is more popular or more likely to win, but there will be thousands of students across the University voting in this election, so nobody can accurately predict who will win!

Don’t let the fear get in your way! You CAN do this!