Voting myth-busting

Voting myth busting

Think the elections won't make a difference to your student experience? Think again!

Elections month gives you a great chance to shake things up and make sure you elect students who share your views, and who will help to improve your experience at University. If you have ever been frustrated and want to see some positive changes, then you have to use your vote and choose someone who will listen to you. 

This week, we bust some of the most common elections' month myths about nominations.


"I don't mind who wins..."

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If you think that your university experience is perfect, then you should care about who wins. The elected candidate could change things that you don't want to be changed.

If you think the university experience could be improved, then there might be someone campaigning to be a student officer, school rep, or course rep who wants to make changes that will benefit you!

Read the candidates' statements, go to the candidate Q&A sessions and see if there are any candidates who share your views!




"My vote won't make a difference..."

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Yes it can!

Sometimes election results can be really close! In the past, there have been elections where the last vote counted decided who would win.

So, yeah, your vote really can make a difference.

Make sure you make it count!




"Voting won't change anything..."

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We continue to work with elected student officers to help make sure we can make positive changes to your university experience.

Voting is one of the best ways to tell us about the issues you care about. 

The people who you end up electing can make a difference. If you aren't happy about something at university or on your course, you should tell your representatives. They need your feedback in order to act on it. 

And, with the right officers elected, we’ll be able to make the best changes for you!




You will be able to vote for your student officers from 8am on Wednesday 28 April. School rep voting opens from 8am on Wednesday 5 May.